Pezesha and Technoserve partner to offer inventory financing to Technoserve last-mile ecosystem

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4 min readJun 22, 2023

Photo: A recent Roundtable Breakfast by TechnoServe dubbed Micro Retail Ecosystem Engagement. The event brought together sector players and thought leaders to discuss how best to promote and sustain partnerships to spur the growth of the micro retail sector in Kenya.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Technoserve, which will enable Technoserve merchants in Kenya to access affordable inventory credit through the ‘Imarisha Duka’ program. Through this partnership, TechnoServe micro retailers will enjoy the convenience of accessing inventory credit on their mobile phone through the Pezesha 2.0 platform and also access financial literacy training and debt counselling.”

The seamless access to inventory credit through Pezesha 2.0 platform will ensure a steady cash flow for the merchants, allow for increased supplies, and enable them to meet the high demand for goods from their customers. Ultimately, TechnoServe merchants, mostly micro-retailers, will no longer rely solely on personal assets or income sources to sustain their business operations.

Suzanne, TechnoServe Merchant, Nairobi

“My smart Duka loan powered by Pezesha, came to my rescue when I had more customers but insufficient stock to meet their demands. Thanks to the timely repayments and the opportunity to increase my credit limits, I have experienced steady growth in my business, resulting in increased sales over the past month.”

According to a recent study of the retail sector in Kenya conducted by TechnoServe; business management, access to capital, and supply chain access emerge as the major challenges encountered by micro retailers. Approximately 85% of duka owners(micro retailers) lack any business training, which significantly hampers their ability to effectively manage their businesses. Furthermore, operating independently and procuring low-volume inventory prevents them from qualifying for volume-based supplier discounts. In addition, these micro retailers frequently encounter difficulties in qualifying for credit purchasing options or benefiting from volume-based discounts. These challenges, combined with unfavorable macro-economic conditions, further impede their sustainable growth.

Photo: (From left to right) Wambui Mbarire, CEO Retail Trade Association of Kenya, Hilda Moraa, CEO & Founder Pezesha, Elsie Njoki, Program Manager Entrepreneurship Programs, TechnoServe,at a recently held micro-retail ecosystem roundtable discussion.

In addition to accessing inventory credit to increase their basket size, TechnoServe merchants will access continuous financial literacy training to impart them with basic financial skills to become better borrowers and unlock higher limits up the Pezesha ladder. As a result, they can effectively cater to the needs of the underserved consumer populations, as these micro retailers are the primary suppliers of consumer goods in Kenya, according to the annual Business Daily Top 100 SMEs survey.

Pezesha remains committed to empowering the retails sector in Kenya which is the primary driver of the Kenyan economy and is a key priority in the country’s long-term economic growth plan, Kenya Vision 2030. Together, wholesale and retail sales generates roughly $28B annually, representing ~30% of national product. Kenya’s formal retail sector is the second largest in Africa.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with TechnoServe to grow last-mile distribution and foster a bigger ecosystem for micro retailers to grow to the next level of success and attain financial inclusion. — Hilda Moraa, CEO, Pezesha

“We are excited about our partnership with Pezesha. Through our collaboration, we have created the transformative Imarisha Duka loan product which will ensure easy access to stock credit for micro retailers in our programs, addressing their credit history and collateral challenges. With the Imarisha Duka loan, retailers can easily replenish stocks, meet customer demands, and access funds directly from their mobile phones. This partnership will have a remarkable impact, increasing financial access and driving sales, profitability, sustainability, and resilience for micro retailers. — Kris Ansin, TechnoServe Kenya Country Director

About Pezesha: Pezesha owns and operates a digital embedded finance platform that connects capital and other financial services to underserved Small and Medium-Sized businesses (MSMEs) & value chains to empower them with affordable inventory and working capital that create meaningful impact and growth to their businesses.


About TechnoServe: TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries. TechnoServe takes a business approach to fighting poverty by empowering smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs to gain the skills, connections, and confidence needed to improve their incomes, create self-sustaining businesses, and build brighter futures.


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