Nairobi — September 7th, 2021:

Pezesha, a pan-African fintech company building scalable lending infrastructure for SMEs and institutions, today announced the close of a seven-figure growth funding round led by GreenHouse Capital (GHC). In addition to GHC’s investment, Pezesha received on-lending liquidity support from GHC’s sister company Venture Garden Group…

Value that Pezesha Merchant Financing brings to the Merchant

An FMCG merchant in Pezesha network

A Merchant in Pezesha’s value chain is a micro or small business owner (kiosks/dukas/”mom and pop” shops) who experiences cash flow issues on a daily basis and would be able to grow their businesses if they could purchase more inventory on…

How Pezesha continues to support supply chain merchants with working capital needs to thrive and build business resilience in the wake of COVID-19.

Pezesha and Twiga team at a Twiga depot in Eastlands, Nairobi

Pezesha is focused on “missing middle” segment opportunity

According to a special report by COMESA on the Economic effect of COVID-19 on Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)…


Watch here an overview of our Pezesha Financial Academy. The first of its kind in the African market.

Pezesha means Financial Empowerment. This is our ultimate mission in ensuring our digital financial infrastructure continues to be relevant and essential to all stakeholders in our value chain, be it individual borrowers…

In the current pandemic, crowdfunding, a form of crowdsourcing and alternative financing options which involves funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a more significant number of people typically via the internet is undoubtedly a timely innovation responding to the current gaps of working capital…

Pezesha Africa Limited

We are a digital capital enabler platform connecting quality SMEs and Merchants with access to working capital and other financial services from our marketplace

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