Pezesha is excited to be working with iPay, an innovative payments gateway and cross-platform for merchants to process payments digitally via various channels such as M-pesa, Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay International among other providers across Africa.

iPay in collaboration with Pezesha has launched a tailored credit product called “iPay Kopesha” that is embedded in iPay’s payment gateway with Pezesha APIs integrations for their merchants to access affordable working capital at any time in a quick and efficient way when they need to stay afloat. …

This April, Marketforce and Pezesha have joined hands to enable affordable inventory & wholesale distribution financing to Marketforce merchants. Merchants being local, small retail businesses, often informal and owned by an individual or a family. They base their businesses on convenience and established relationships with their customers, conducting mainly cash transactions with both customers and distributors. In spite of limited room to stock inventory, these merchants place a high value on having a well-stocked shop, because this is seen to be key to satisfying and retaining their customers.

Merchants play a central role in the economy because of their proximity…

Value that Pezesha Merchant Financing brings to the Merchant

An FMCG merchant in Pezesha network
An FMCG merchant in Pezesha network
An FMCG merchant in Pezesha network

A Merchant in Pezesha’s value chain is a micro or small business owner (kiosks/dukas/”mom and pop” shops) who experiences cash flow issues on a daily basis and would be able to grow their businesses if they could purchase more inventory on credit. These businesses have been cash constrained limiting their growth and business potential to expand their products and services.

They end up turning to unfavorable financing options such as shylocks and digital lending platforms charging them exorbitant fees, in the end defaulting to the place of cash flow issues as…

How Pezesha continues to support supply chain merchants with working capital needs to thrive and build business resilience in the wake of COVID-19.

Pezesha and Twiga team at a Twiga depot in Eastlands, Nairobi
Pezesha and Twiga team at a Twiga depot in Eastlands, Nairobi
Pezesha and Twiga team at a Twiga depot in Eastlands, Nairobi

Pezesha is focused on “missing middle” segment opportunity

According to a special report by COMESA on the Economic effect of COVID-19 on Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs), the biggest challenge experienced by SMBs during the COVID-19 period has been lack of Operational Cash flow. This has negatively affected their business operations and some have been forced to close shop as they are unable to pay their suppliers who in turn supply them with goods that drive their…

SMEs drive the Engine of growth across various economic sectors as they employ a majority of the youth population and contribute significantly to economic growth. According to the KNCCI SME competitiveness Survey, SMEs employ more than 80% of the working population in Kenya. However, these SMEs are severely underserved. They face numerous obstacles in accessing credit as they are small, less diversified, and have weaker financial structures especially now more than ever driven by the current pandemic.

The financing gap for SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa is approximately $328 billion, according to reports by International Finance Corporation (IFC) partnered with McKinsey…


Watch here an overview of our Pezesha Financial Academy. The first of its kind in the African market.

Pezesha means Financial Empowerment. This is our ultimate mission in ensuring our digital financial infrastructure continues to be relevant and essential to all stakeholders in our value chain, be it individual borrowers, digital lenders, banks, MFIs, MSMEs among others.

Our value chain is unique in that it focuses on the onerous task of addressing an end to end long term solution and not just short term financial needs- like using credit as a means to an end. …

Crowdfunding model approach by Pezesha

In the current pandemic, crowdfunding, a form of crowdsourcing and alternative financing options which involves funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a more significant number of people typically via the internet is undoubtedly a timely innovation responding to the current gaps of working capital to SMEs now more than ever before. …

The disparity between the influence that credit bureaus have, and the extent to which borrowers understand them, is one of the most valuable gaps that good financial education can fill.

The role of a credit bureau can be summarised in the following process:

  1. A prospective borrower requests a loan from a lender.
  2. This lender consults a credit bureau (CRB) on the credit-worthiness of the borrower i.e. based on their history, how likely are they to repay.
  3. The CRB responds with a credit status or score.
  4. The lender then makes a decision whether to grant the requested loan.
  5. If the borrower

There is undoubtedly reason to be positive about the boom of FinTech across Africa.

Regions of the continent have made a technological leapfrog over the rest of the world with over 70% of Kenyan adults using mobile money platforms in 2017.

As well as contributing to economic growth, these disruptive technologies are making it easier for the unbanked to borrow, save and insure.

However, there is a darker truth to all this disruption, and it could be that this trend is currently doing more harm than good. …

When it comes to business, there is no doubt that an enthusiastic embracing of the data revolution is imperative. The success of LinkedIn lends much to the data analysis expertise of the data analysis of Jonathan Goldman, and indeed, a pervading message throughout Corinium’s Datacon East Africa conference in Nairobi, 11th-12th September, seems to have been “believe in data or be left behind.”

But as Pezesha CEO Hilda Moraa joined the conversation at Datacon, another issue was clear: when it comes to data analysis and data science roles, demand vastly outweighs supply, and we need to work out what to…

Pezesha Africa Limited

We are a digital capital enabler platform connecting quality SMEs and Merchants with access to working capital and other financial services from our marketplace

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